BrainStorm Group concert in Minsk

BrainStorm Group concert in Minsk

April 28th with a concert in Minsk arrives BrainStorm. Concert will be held at the club Re:public.



Tickets for the concert of Brainstorm in Minsk can be bought at the following prices:

  • 350 000 - the first 100 tickets,
  • 400 000 - in advance,
  • 500 000 - seat at the table.

All your questions you can ask by calling the information line:

+37529 60377 33, +37533 630 50 10

Briefly about the group.

Brainstorm team was established 25 years ago from like-minded interest in the music. Throughout its existence, the group travels around the world with songs in three languages. They performed hits in Latvian, Russian and English languages. Most known hits are: "Maybe", "Ветер", "Thunder Without Rain", "Ты не один". The band performed a duet with "Би-2", "Каста", Eugene Grishkovets and some others.

If you come to the concert from another country and do not know how to get to the club Re:public - use the service of car rental with driver. We will meet you if necessary from the airport and delivered to all destinations that you want to visit. After the concert, we can arrange you a tour of Minsk at night "cool" executive class cars. In all matters of rental for any reason, call +372-543-44-992.