Some reasons to rent a car with a driver on March 8!

Some reasons to rent a car with a driver on March 8!

Some reasons to rent a car with a driver for the February holidays

Every hour is nearing World Women's Day - March 8! We think that you have not yet had time to think about how you will get to the restaurant with a loved one, or just have not decided on its venue. Or on the other hand, after a great evening - on what will get home or to another cozy corner? Why we recommend to choose car rental with driver? In addition to the growing popularity we still have some good reasons.

  1. The first reason is the most relevant for girls and women, as it will allow the car rental luxury dress you wear without fear smear it before you reach the desired location. Our fleet - all cars at least business class, which by their status are in complete purity and accuracy than regular taxi, the purpose is simple earnings without investing in a car! In addition, public transport to go to a new dress - shaped suicide as the probability of occurrence of puffs or spots increases many times! Make a reservation in advance, call now!

  2. Opportunity to go to a destination all its a great company! But no one stranger will not resent and make comments about your increased noise. To do this, hire a minibus. Besides, minibuses business class not only take you to your destination, but also increased comfort will play a role. You can sing, shout and no you will not make comments! Perhaps our driver will even sing with you =).

  3. Once again about comfort. Want to look cool? So, we offer rental cars only business or executive class! Hire a Mercedes-Benz W221, сome home for your girlfriend and let all the neighbors look out, depending on how their neighbor sits with you in luxury car. In addition, these vehicles have increased security, in which you can relax, stretching legs after a rough holiday.

    All drivers have big experience and are formed with full knowledge of etiquette. Sitting to our car you hear tales of  "how we went fishing with Mihalych" and so on. In this and many other major difference between our cars from ordinary taxis who only think how would you tear off a little more. We have the same fixed cost, which we agree with you before the trip. At any time you can change your route, as well as to extend the lease.

  4. Low prices. Too many people mistakenly believe that renting a car and even with the driver - it is very expensive . Want to dispel this myth - call us. On our site you will rarely find a variety of special offers and promotions - they have a little surprise anyone. All because our prices are already lower than originally, so no stock is required. We see no point initially inflate the cost of our services, then to make discounts. Moreover, that even on the eve of February and spring holidays, when all heavily overpriced price tags, our rates remain unchanged !

You are welcome to our company clients ATrans!