Today Belarusians will choose their representative at "Eurovision-2014"

Today Belarusians will choose their representative at "Eurovision-2014"

Today at 22.00 in the studio "600 m " BTRC final stage of selection of the representative of our country in the international song contest "Eurovision 2014 ". 

In the final 14 performers made their way :

1. Natalia Tamelo with the song "Not what I've been looking for"
2 . Nuteki with the song "Fly Away"
3 . Artem Mikhalenko song " Rhapsody number 1 "
4 . Matthew Cooper and DUX group with the song "Strippers"
5 . Theo with the song "Cheesecake"
6. Darius with the song "Starlight"
7. Sinyavskaya with the song "Via Lattea"
8. Alina Moshchenko with the song "Angel crying"
9. Janet with the song "You will be here"
10 . Anastasia Malashkevich with the song "Runaway"
11. Switter Boys feat. Kate & Volga Karol song " Everlasting Love "
12. Napoli with the song "Stay with me"
13. Max Lawrence & DiDjuLja with the song "Now you're gone"
14. Tasha Odi with the song "Empty Universe"

Determine the winner of the TV audience and the jury. Spectators in the final 10 minutes after the speech last contestant will vote. We inform you about the rooms, which will need to call to add your vote : 

8-803-100-03- XX ( XX - Number liked finalist ). In order to send an SMS vote, send a message to 2882 with the code  XX of the performer.

As for the cost, the call from a landline phone will cost you 22.7 BYR. The cost of calls and SMS messages from your mobile phone will be based on the payment of the mobile operator. 

View the final can live on TV channel "Belarus 1" and "Belarus 24 ".

Artist with the highest total number of points, and will represent our country at "Eurovision- 2014 " in Copenhagen.