Rental farmsteads in Belarus, agrotourism services


Agritourism - a new kind of eco-tourism , which implies a stay in rural sites , such as they are in real life. Such objects in Belarus are farmsteads (sometimes you can find the name agroekousadby ) or in a simple way - rural estates . Travel services in Belarus agrousadby include comfortable accommodation ( of course no one does not negate the mosquitoes and flies , beetles and spiders , because without them, lost all natural setting ) food dishes Belarusian cuisine , stay in the clean natural environment , various excursions , fishing , hunting and much more.

Ecotourism - oriented nature of the type of tourism that should not inflict any damage to nature. Let's stick with this.

Tourism farmsteads in Belarus as an opportunity to look into the past

You never drank warm milk village ? Yes there drank themselves ever milked a cow ? No ? Well , then you are exactly in our company. We certainly will not guarantee you the "best cow " with the best milk in the whole world ( as do many of our competitors ), but a lot of unforgettable emotions and laughter we guarantee with absolute certainty.

Contact our company fall, you " sign his own death warrant " for tasting all the fruits and vegetables that find themselves and tear or dig in the garden at the manor. And do not be afraid of malicious grandfather who can " treat " you salt , though not from the salt shaker , and a gun . As they say - you will be an all inclusive ! You can go to the forest for mushrooms , but if you are not an experienced mushroom hunter , have them we would not advise.

Summer - time for berries and hot weather. Perfect for holiday lovers soak up the hot sun . For those who want the thrill of a garden at the disposal that can weed out the weeds , add water, just like mowing the grass. Extremists consider yourself who is afraid of nothing ? Step off the beekeeper to gather honey from the hives - will understand that riding at a speed of 200 km / h can not be compared with a few thousand bees flying around evil . Of course, you will not face anything , as you will be dressed in all the necessary ammunition , but experience...

agrotourismFarmsteads in Belarus in the winter - it snowed quiet place. Perfect time of year for the most relaxing holiday on a weekend or holiday.

Coming to us in the spring , you should let the rebirth of nature after a long sleep. Since we are not a circle of poets , then describe all this beauty we did not succeed. Better to see yourself! Most of our clients are just tired of the perpetual noise of the city , depressing situation , and the dirty air from many other things. For some , staying in Belarus holiday farmsteads - the ultimate dream . So, with us your limit will drop to a minimum. Reasonable prices , shuttle back and forth and there, all the joys of farmsteads and more buns - our company. In your request, we can arrange you up at 6 am , but not under the Service and under bloodcurdling scream cock.

What is the difference from ordinary Belarusian agrousadby recreation , you ask? First, it is not communicating with stone walls and massage rooms , and a maximum interaction with nature . Only here you can " go back in time ", the time of our praprabubushek and prapradedushek , to see how they lived and how they work.

Secondly , the low price that allows a good rest and not go broke. Due to the low cost , eco-tourism in Belarus popular among residents of neighboring countries. Very often people come to us and representatives abroad.

For the low paid, you get farmsteads with barbecue, bath, real Russian oven, and more. All for a great stay in both large and small companies.

Some practical advice

The correct choice of farmsteads - guarantee of successful stay. Pick living conditions according to their preferences . If you can not live without the Internet or TV with thousands of channels , it is better to opt for having it .

As stated above, particularly striving to plunge into rural life , we offer you the farmsteads in Belarus , in which you will have the opportunity to work for the benefit of the fields and areas with locals.

And finally. Choose a location according to their entertainment desires. Horseback Riding lovers should choose agrousadby Belarus with horse yards as otherwise they simply can not be. Although the presence of baths is practically mandatory for each owner of the estate, but it may not be.

Looking forward to seeing you in our company!