Excursion to the open air museum Dudutki


This time we suggest you to visit the real subject of pride of the Belarusian people – Dudutki's complex museum! Here it is possible to absorb in itself a part of the Belarusian history and to have a good time in the cheerful company. If you look for the prices of excursion in Dudutki from Minsk, here you won't find them. And all because we count cost, proceeding from requirements and desires of our client. It is worth agreeing that someone to be necessary to visit all excursions both to try all food and to participate in all entertainments and after that still to jerk in Mir Castle Complex or Nesvizh. Yes, such too with us it is possible. And it isn't important, there will be it group of people or one – all of you equally will go to excursion in the car of a representative class! You will take a champagne small bottle, you will seat on big leather sitting and you will ply to desired tourist object.

Mill in DudutkiPractically all travel agencies ask from you advance payment of all of excursions in Dudutkakh and tastings. With us you will be able to choose only that you will consider for yourself necessary. Now, we hope, it is clear why we have no prices. Everything pays off individually.

The guide is necessary? Not a problem, we will take him.

Now is more detailed that such and "with what eat him with Dudutki". The complex makes impressions practically on all. There is a question – why practically? Yes because always there will be a Personality, which all not and all not that. The personality allegedly very busy and choosy, but having time "to scribble" a response on two pages how to Dudutkakh there was a wet rain, and table layout in cafe was not on the Hair dryer Shuya. You shouldn't rely on others responses and impressions, all of us are different people. It is better to see everything most and from this to draw for itself certain conclusions. Personally we are sure that you will like, of course, if you not the personality described above.

Manufactures of strawExcursion in Dudutki (Belarus) represents museum visit open-air which occupies 160 hectares is the only in Belarus the open museum of such sizes. It is located on the river bank Ptich. That you will see the first is a big mill. It towers on 14 meters, and near it there is a lodge of a zavoznik with tasty entertainments.

Masters in "Dudutkakh" will tell and will show how to shape a horseshoe how to make a musical instrument of a tree. You will acquaint with solomo-and rod network, will show the weaver's creations of national clothes. You will be able to participate in these crafts. Is interesting that fact that all masters work on ancient methods without use of new technologies. Having gone to excursion in Dudutki, you will taste tasty bread with a crust, gentle cheese and tea from herbs which make in a museum complex according to recipes of our ancestors. Ah, well and the most important – the legendary Belarusian moonshine prepared on the ancient recipe. Everyone (certainly the reached 18 years) can try him and estimate quality!

Probably slightly not in a subject of this complex, but exactly here it is possible to visit an exhibition of a car retro of cars and motorcycles of last time, some of which still are in working order.

In "Dudutkakh" it is annually carried out various actions: Independence Day, Christmas, holiday of Three Saviours and Maslenitsa, Victory Day and carnival of the Belarusian weapon "Our Gryunvald". Behind dates of carrying out actions you can both from our site, and on the official site of a complex of Dudutki.

Once again we will repeat for those who likes to read from below that we offer you not classical excursion in Dudutki from Minsk by bus, namely individual in which you will be able to go one or to the companies of couple of relatives. Huge plus of similar service is that fact that all the time will be allocated only for you, you will be able to change a route at any desire. That is, if you want to go, for example, on a route Minsk – Dudutki – the World – Nesvizh, we will unconditionally deliver you. And more one pleasant moment – all your excursion will take place on the car representative or class business! You shouldn't be frightened these words as all our prices are quite democratic and available to the majority of the wishing.