Excursion to the Mir Castle

Excursion to the Mir Castle

Mir Castle Complex is an architectural monument of Belarus which is located in the city settlement the World. The lock of Gothic style was constructed in the XV-XVI centuries. In 2000 Mir Castle Complex is entered by UNESCO in the List of the World cultural and natural heritage.

This construction was defensive strengthening and the residence of families known in Belarus Ilyinichey, Radzivillov, Vitgenshteynov and Svyatopolk-Mirsky. The lock is constructed in the form of a square, has 5 towers in special architectural shape which are adapted for firing, and stone strong walls by height 27ΠΌ. The lock is equipped with a falling lattice and a drawbridge, that is all necessary for defense against sudden attacks and any external threats.

Excursion in Mir Castle Complex takes place on one breath. All architectural complex of the lock represents the residence fortress, big earth shaft, and also picturesque park which is created in English style and includes the Italian garden, an accurate pond. From other constructions it will be possible to visit a chapel tomb of a family of Svyatopolk-Mirsky, a lodge of the watchman and a roadside kaplitsa.

Exact start date of construction of the stone lock is unknown. Historians believe that its most part was constructed in the XVI-XVII centuries by a shlyakhetsky sort Ilyinichey. Construction of the lock was continued by a sort Radzivillov.

If you want to go to excursion to Mir Castle Complex, the eyes you will be able to see a bulk earth shaft round the lock about 9 m high. In those days behind it there was a dug-out ditch which was filled with water from Miranki's small river and the Castle stream. The only way to the lock was on a drawbridge.

After Mir Castle Complex became the residence of counts Radzivillov, in his courtyard construction of the three-storyed palace began. The first floor was taken away under a weapon warehouse, a vault – under a food warehouse. The second floor intended for footmen and count administration. On the third princely rooms settled down. During carrying out excursion on Mir Castle Complex you will be told legends in which locals sincerely believe.

During Napoleonic wars Mir Castle Complex was captured by Cossacks of the hetman Ivan Zolotarenko. The lock was almost completely destroyed. It restored only 80 years later.

In 1830-1840 Mir Castle Complex takes over a count family Vitgenshteynov. Nobody visited the castle – it completely became empty and started collapsing gradually. In 1891 the lock was sold to Nikolay Svyatopolk-Mirsky. Under its possession in the estate the palace and a tomb were built, and also the garden which you will see personally during excursion is put. It is also known that princes Svyatopolk-Mirsky tried to restore lock towers, but conceived didn't finish.

At the time of World War II from 1941 to 1942 in the lock prisoners of war and the Jewish ghetto took place. After release in the lock there was a large number of inhabitants of the World who after the German occupation remained without housing. The lock long time remained without supervision.

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