Excursion to the Nesvizh Castle

Excursion to the Nesvizh Castle

Nesvizh Castle BelarusOur company presents to your attention individual excursions to Nesvizh Castle (Belarus) on cars business and a representative class for all comers foreign citizens and citizens of Belarus.

Shortly about the lock. The main place of interest of Nesvizha is the Palace and castle complex which is located in northeast part of the city at river sources Ears.

If you already decided to go to excursion in Nesvizh Castle, you can pass the following historical block as you will hear it during the excursion.

The first mentions of the lock noted in chronicles of the XIII century. At that time the owner of this construction was Yury Nesvizhsky. After the owner there was a grand duke Alexander. The lock in 1492 passed to princes to Guts. Engagement of the princess Anna Kishek with Jan Radzivill (Bearded) in 1513 took place. Together with Anna and the palace carried over Radzivillov. Nesvizh Castle became the residence. The prince Radzivill decided that the lock needs to be made European and representative. Nikolay Radzivill charged construction to the Italian architect Giovanni Bernardoni. Later time on a place of a wooden construction the new lock was built.

Nesvizh CastleThe stone castle was constructed in the form of the quadrangle, surrounded with in bulk and a water deep ditch. Earth shaft of 20 m in height imposed with stones and built on tower corners for lock defense. At that time Nesvizh Castle was considered as one of the most perfect and the most protected from enemy attacks.

The palace with firmness resisted to invasion of soldiers of the Russian state. And once the lock Karl's XII armies seized. Swedes destroyed part of the lock and took out ammunition.

The lock after so difficult destiny again came back to possession Radzivillov. Restoration and construction works began, restored and strengthened the lock, expanded the area for Castle park, the Old park, New park, English and Japanese gardens. The palace and castle complex collected in itself styles of the Renaissance and classicism, a neogothic style and a modernism, baroque and rococo. The area made more than 90 hectares.Nesvizh Castle excursions


In 1939 established in Nesvizhe the Soviet power, and Radzivillam was necessary to leave the palace. Later the Soviet Union broke up and over a palace and castle complex took guardianship of Ministry of culture of RB.

During the Great Patriotic War the lock was occupied by fascists and made hospital for pilots, and in 1945 - sanatorium of "Nesvizh". Wall lists and finishings painted over, halls turned into medical offices and chambers. In the 1990th g the sanatorium left the castle and some time was empty.

In 2002 the Lock captured a fire. Fire very quickly extended: attics burned down, lock and column overlappings are hurt clock tower. Painted ceilings and walls were strongly hurt at fire extinguishing. The republican staff on elimination of consequences of a fire was created.

Only in 2004 palace restoration began.

Nesvizh Castle in 2005 was included in the List of the World cultural and natural heritage then the quantity wishing to go to excursion in Nesvizh considerably increased.

At the beginning of 2008 opened the restored part of the lock for the traveling. And in 2011 restoration works ended.

Nesvizh Castle squareYou want to plunge into a historical era? Visit Nesvizh Castle and you will see a slice from life Radzivillov: with heraldic images, big mirrors, smart furniture, painted plafonds, oak walls and a set of the halls, each of them the name has painted ceilings, fireplaces.

Nesvizh Castle – a monastery secret and mysterious. The most beautiful Palace and castle ensemble of Belarus. The monument of architecture doesn't cease to surprise with the unique shape.