Minsk Sightseeing Tour

Sightseeing in Minsk

Minsk ... Representative of the beautiful half of humanity speak of the city as a feminine and comfortable. Men see Minsk quite majestic and serious. But both sides agree that the capital of Belarus, Minsk - one of the friendliest and cleanest cities in Europe. Yes there in Europe - around the world =). Sightseeing tour of Minsk will prove you that. By the way, according to many tourists, the capital of Belarus is somewhat similar to Bratislava and Vienna, as well learn the cause of this further, unless enough patience to read this article.

Island of tears MinskAs we, after all, offer you tourist services, we will provide the smart program! We will meet all tourists of the near and far abroad from where it is necessary and we will deliver where it is required. And for special gratitude, so also we will occupy! Same concerns also inhabitants our "Blue-eyed". If in hotel you don't treat with champagne, in the course of a sightseeing tour across Minsk it will be made by us. And as to the Russian man champagne – "as to an elephant the grain", at us always in a stock drinks is stronger. We won't forget and about food – what after all sightseeing tour around the city without opportunity to try tasty national dishes.

Each tourist is waited by a sightseeing tour across Minsk, and whether it will be important it independent or centralized. Plus of services of guides that they know where to go and what to tell that it will be quite difficult to make most. Often visitors of Minsk go on a sightseeing tour where do marks of those places which should be seen in more detail independently. The sightseeing tour across Minsk by bus usually begins with artificially built Island of courage and Grief, locals call it the Island of Tears. In the center of the island there is a chapel with female statues outside and similarity of strings inside. As for what is constructed we would like to tell you in private. Near a chapel the sculpture of a crying angel settles down. As we notice often, very many in is mute see the Cupid, especially considering existence of "some" parts of his body very shining from frequent touches. There are boulders with the names of the cities cut on them, and also a funeral table which represents part of a runway from Afghanistan.

Troitsk suburbFrom the island the excellent view of the Troitsk suburb opens. Well and as we not the historical textbook, will tell – better it to see once, than … you know that.

Usually, a lot of attention calls Svoboda Square. First, because of the main orthodox cathedral of the country, well and secondly – the main church. All constructions have great historical value and look very beautifully. There is a Town hall and many different unusual sculptures and compositions. The Komarovsky market known all over the country will be the proof, the entrance in which is faced by the "lonely" not harnessed horse, near her the The Lady with the Dog, the photographer and a symbol of local trade – the grandmother with sunflower seeds. There is a lot of such statues, from which we will show a large number to you during a sightseeing tour.

Now a couple of words about pride of the city of Minsk and, in particular, pride its managements much already, probably, guessed – it is a question of huge National library. This building is to 30 most surprising buildings in the world! Similar to a crystal in the afternoon, at night it changes in a huge New Year's toy which is poured by a set of multi-colored fires and … advertizing =). You will have an opportunity to rise upward (National library one of the highest buildings of Minsk) where it is possible to visit cafe from which the finest view of the city will seem, or to come to an open observation deck. Houses opposite to library also have the uniqueness – come, you will see.The Freedom Square Minsk

The sightseeing tour across Minsk won't be full without visit of the latest sports constructions of the city. Our country loves sports about what tell the terminals installed on the street which show number of the days which have remained before the Olympic Games. That costed by the sports Arena complex. The scales and appearance will easily compete with library.

The truth is all suburbs of the city, let's return back to the center. You don't worry, according to your desire we can take for a drive you and on suburbs and even to give a ride along all ring. Desire of the client – the law what it wouldn't be.

And so, square of Independence. Highlight of this place not only ancient church and church and at all the government house, and that under this area there is paradise for shopping-manov – 4-urovny underground shopping center "Stolitsa".

National library in MinskEven at the time of hard frosts in the city area "Green Meadow" (near library) doesn't freeze the water channel in which it is full … isn't present, not dirt and garbage, and ducks there winter! Yes, the most real ducks whom besides sometimes some hundreds on a small aura of open water are. It is a lot of Minskers and guests of the capital parents with little children come here to feed them, especially.

Much important question, on what to spend the exchanged million Belarusian rubles (a question is actual for tourists of the neighboring countries)? Yes, at us it is possible to feel the millionaire as for receiving the status of the millionaire it is enough to change 3500 rubles for citizens of Russia, 1000 hryvnias for Ukrainians etc =). The linen "Milavitsa" and "Serge", dresses, sweaters, footwear enjoys wide popularity. Only it is possible to buy really natural cosmetics from us at very low prices. During a sightseeing tour across Minsk you visit a large number of places where you will be able to buy unusual, but very beautiful souvenirs from straw, clay and other materials.

Minsk ArenaIf you have time, and the main desire to get acquainted with crafts of the Belarusian people, we with pleasure will carry you to Dudutki.