Passenger transportation - Minsk, Belarus

We fully understand that our work is constantly intersects with the potential risks. Especially when carried passenger traffic in Minsk, where the movement is not comparable to other cities of our Republic. A fault of the big congestion of roads, lack of experience and some carelessness of other drivers, bad weather conditions and much more.

During the existence of our company, we have tried to optimize passenger transport so that maximum to exclude the possibility of difficulties in the process of its direct activities. What exactly do you get from this?



  • Neither more nor less - transportation of VIP-class appearance and in perfect technical condition. This item immediately removes force majeure due to a breakdown of car and an increased level of comfort make the move a pleasant and unobtrusive, even on long trips in RB.
  • Passenger transport in Minsk made only with drivers who have a great driving experience both in Minsk and in the most loaded automobile lines. That is you get a driver who will do everything to quickly and safely take you to the right place.
  • In the event of an unforeseen situation before they are solved by our company in the shortest time. All drivers are provided with mobile communication and know how to act in any situation.


Passenger transport across Belarus - faster and safer

We spent a few thousand passenger traffic across the country, and we can be sure that the right-designed transportation - 90% successful delivery people at the right time and place. At this stage, we spend a huge portion of their time resources.

It's no secret that for passenger Minsk city very difficult, since the ideal conditions for the timely delivery of customer require outstanding knowledge of roads and streets in the city, having the ability to quickly navigate to a particular situation.

For each kind of traffic we have provided your form of transport. For example, for an excursion to the castle for two Nesvizhski we offer only the S-Class cars. Basically, we have all types of travel, whether it transfer to the airport or passenger transportation is provided only fleet of vehicles at least business class. For example, for the delivery of 10-19 people have taken Volkswagen Multivan, and for a sightseeing tour of Minsk can offer Mersedes W221.

Passenger transport in Minsk may need at the most inopportune moment. But even scheduled meeting or visit affiliate delegation require a car that also has to be in working order and Met driver. Not every organization can afford owning a garage of vehicles for such purposes, to contain it and drivers. Order passenger transportation services to companies such as ours, much more profitable and less costly.