Transfer to/from the international airport Minsk-2

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Transfer to airportIn addition to tourist services and rental cars with drivers, we are pleased to offer individual transfer across Belarus. We are pleased to bring you to the airport Minsk-1 National Airport Minsk-2, as well as pick you up and deliver promptly to the proper destination. Individual word in the subtext is the complete absence of other persons that may hinder your peace and comfort. Of course, you can book an airport transfer and a group of passengers, only this group will be yours, where you want to go. From personal experience, we can note that the absence of sneezing and people screaming in his ear oh how well affect the mood before flying on holiday or a business meeting . We meet you at the door of the car, on the bus or train station at the airport with my name tag, help with luggage and deliver much needed. In case of any questions, please call the contact number on our site and ask .

Many of you know and maybe even for yourself feel all the chaos that is going on in our International Airport Minsk- 2, which is under renovation. Get anywhere from there became a big problem. Well, no, there are taxi drivers, but their prices are more than a trip with us. However, we will take you, for example, the BMW 7-series, rather than on any " Cramps " in which convenience certainly not worth the money!

 Besides the airport, we can take you on an individual basis for any necessary car or train stations all over the country from any of your location.

Trasnfer Minsk Airport Minsk is not the only service of its kind. We also work with airport transfers Gomel Gomel, Mogilev-airport-Mogilev, Grodno-airport-Grodno, Brest-airport-Brest, Vitebsk-airport-Vitebsk and a shuttle from the airport to the hotel and back.

Very often we are approached by clients from countries near and far abroad. They call with a view to find out if we can arrange a transfer to the sanatorium of Belarus. So, the transfer to the resort and back to us is as easy as transfer to the hotel. After you eat a sanatorium rest and recuperation, so why do you need a few hours following dimmed on the bus until you reach the desired location. With us to quickly and inexpensively!

Among our staff you will not find a young and inexperienced drivers with whom you can and turn gray. Our people are experienced respectable drivers who transport cargo on vehicles executive or business class, have more than 5-7 years of driving experience and have passed a medical examination before each departure.

Transfer to the airport, train station, hotel, resort or any other place on the luxury car does not mean that if you have 5 people, then we will " puddle " you in one car . We will take you on a car, in which you do not for a moment did not feel discomfort.

Transfer prices are calculated individually, depending on the distance, the desired car and many other nuances that can make a reservation with us. Ordering service, it does not mean that the cost becomes fixed and invariable route. For example, you have chosen a transfer airport-Brest and along the way you hit in the head to go to Dudutki. You negotiate with the driver and forth to wherever your heart desires!