Rent a car with driver, car rental

Rent a car with driver

In addition to the various tourist activities, our company offers the necessary service to date, as a rental car with a driver. High professionalism received by our employees for many years, does not allow to question the quality of our services. Are you a business man or even during a business trip want to ride on a normal truck? So, our company's fleet includes only auto business and executive class. You can rent a car in Minsk at any time and for any ("desirable" legitimate ) purposes.

Our services are relevant for heavily employed fathers who are working on the debt of employment do not have time to pick up their child from school or kindergarten, but to get an earful from their wives do not feel begrudgingly. Rent a car with driver is also relevant for business meetings, which at your wish, you can spend in our own cars, so-called office on wheels. Only here in the role of the office will not act "minivan", but for example Mersedes W221.

Our clients are organizations that a lot more profitable to use our services, rather than contain official car and driver for rare business trips. In this scenario events car rental with driver in Minsk will be one of the most correct decisions, unless of course you do not have money for each account and you do not prefer to get to a business meeting in a crowded public transport. And can not believe in the adage that meet on clothes and escorted to the mind. So, after successful negotiations can go on the subway, but appear better solid! Although everyone has their own outlook and impose their services we are not trying.

Often the services of renting a car with a driver used by those who strongly delayed at work, but he wants to leave his secret location.

Rent a car with driver to enable rapid movement to/from train stations and airports of many actual rental without a driver, because you do not have a headache on how to pick up the car and take her back because of her need. Our drivers will be removed from your shoulders these difficulties. And the difference in price is virtually nonexistent.

Taken together all the advantages of rental cars with professional drivers in Minsk, we can highlight the following points:

  • Significant savings of time searching for and registration of the lease.
  • No need to pick up and deliver back to the car.
  • Full retention of the working environment (no need to be distracted by the route search and transport management in the stream).

We always go to meet our customers, so when you need for any additional services, you just notify us and we will solve your problem. Being focused on their customers and long-term cooperation, we will do our best to hire a car with driver in Minsk, our company has not caused any difficulties and misunderstandings.